10 things not to be missed in Ajaccio

Whether you stay a week, 3 days or 24 hours in Ajaccio, we have compiled a list of the 10 discoveries that you should not miss under any circumstances!


#1. Discover the collections of the Palais Fesch, Musée des Beaux-Arts

Quand on pense à un musée sur Ajaccio, on pense tout de suite à la Maison Bonaparte, maison natale de Napoléon. Mais ce n’est pas le seul trésor de la cité impériale… Saviez-vous que le Palais Fesch, le musée des Beaux-Arts est classé juste derrière le Louvre pour sa collection de primitifs italiens ?

If you are a lover of pictorial art, a visit to this place is a must! Pierre-André, our guide, offers you a visit of this place full of history(s) ....

#2. Taste the local specialities


The advantage of local specialities is that they are available in every season!

One of Ajaccio's specialities that can be found and tasted all year round is the finuchjetti. These are dry cakes in the recognisable shape of an eight. Traditionally flavoured with aniseed, they have been available with chocolate for some years now. You can find them in bakeries and on the Market of Ajaccio.

#3. Admire the sunset on the Iles Sanguinaires


It is unthinkable (or even impossible) to stay in the Ajaccio region without visiting the Parata peninsula at sunset. With more than 3000 hours of sunshine per year, you will hardly be able to miss THE sunset to Instagram! Want to blow your followers away with beautiful photos? We give you our best Instagram spots on our blog.

#4. Criss-crossing the roads of the Ajaccio hinterland


If the historical centre of Ajaccio is a must, so is its hinterland!

Only a twenty minute drive away, you will discover typical villages. You can meet craftsmen and producers who will be happy to share their know-how with you. One thing is sure: you know what time you will leave but not what time you will return, because once you have started, the locals are inexhaustible about their region...


#5. Drinks on the terrace


Hiver comme été, le climat méditerranéen permet de s’attabler en terrasse que ce soit pour un café matinal, le déjeuner ou encore l’apéro. Et les Ajaccien(ne)s aiment se retrouver entre amis et débriefer leur journée autour d’un bon verre de vin* et d’une planche de fromages et de charcuterie (locaux évidemment !)
Cliquez sur la photo pour connaître leurs adresses…

*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.

#6. Photographing Marc Petit's submerged statues


The works of the sculptor Marc Petit are housed in the gardens and alleys of the Lazaret Ollandini. Since 2018, the sculpture Gaïa has been placed on the water in front of the lazaret, on the beach of Aspretto with the city of Ajaccio....


#7. Attending a patronal festival


Every town and village celebrates its saint. This is the occasion for festivities. If you come to Ajaccio in March, we celebrate the Madunuccia (the town festival); in June, the fishermen are honoured with St Erasmus... There is nothing like a patronal feast to immerse yourself in the heart of traditions.

#8. Learn about the benefits of essential oils


The flora of our territory is varied. Some endemic plants can be distilled to become essential oils or used as a base for cosmetics made in Corsica... This discovery is an opportunity to meet enthusiasts...


#9. Finding a St Lucia eye on the beach


A walk by the water with your feet in the sand... that's holidays!

While surveying those of the Gulf of Ajaccio, you may find St Lucia's eyes. This is the lid of a shellfish found on the shores of the Mediterranean. It is a good luck charm which, according to popular belief, keeps the evil eye away.

A little tip: head for the beaches of Capo di Feno and keep your eyes open...

#10. Come and meet us at the Tourist Office


The best for last. Another good reason to come to Ajaccio is to go to the Tourist Office to meet our team of stay advisors. You can take advantage of this opportunity to buy a City Pass for the Ajaccio region, which will become your key to visiting the must-see places in our town...


Image credit: ©OIT Pays d'Ajaccio

Vous l’aurez compris, Ajaccio et son arrière-pays regorgent de lieux à explorer. On espère que cette liste (non exhaustive) vous sera utile. D’ailleurs on vous en prépare d’autres…

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