The year we decided to move to Council 2.0

For several years, the Tourist Office of the Ajaccio Region has been present on social networks. But this year, we are going one step further in the 2.0 universe: the blog!

We can't tell you if it's our ecological responsibility or simply because we ourselves have the reflex to ask Google (or Siri or Alexa...) for advice, the fact is that we decided to create our blog.



To share our favourites with you, to answer the questions we ask ourselves when we are tourists. And yes, we are not only travel advisors, we are also travellers eager for personalized advice.

So here we are in the blogosphere. We'll try to convince you that our region will be THE destination for your next holiday. You'll tell us, and rightly so, that this is our core business. And it is! But this blog is a bit like an evening with friends. We're going to tell you about the Ajaccio region with our Ajaccian sensibility, revealing some (not all, otherwise it's no fun) of their secrets.

What is the difference between the information published on our website and the one we give you here?
The form. Let's say that the website is a well-dressed party where we are dressed up. The blog is a relaxing evening where we wear flip-flops (but nice flip-flops!) 😉 

We will take advantage of our arrival on this part of the web to introduce ourselves. A quick interview in the mode who ? what ? where ?



WHO are we?

The Tourist Office of the Ajaccio Region (OIT du Pays d'Ajaccio to the friends) is a team of 14 people headed by a director.



Our role?

Throughout the year we work hard to make you want to come and spend your next holiday in the Ajaccio region. Our challenge is not only to make our region the playground of your future stay, but above all to make sure that as soon as you return, you already want to come back!

So during the low season, we think about what activities to offer you, we concoct a programme of events that we will offer each season...

When you visit us in our (beautiful) premises, it is our squadra [team in Corsica] of holiday advisors who welcome you. Anxious for you to make the most of the potential offered by the Ajaccio region, the team gives you personalised advice and does not hesitate to share its good tips with you!




Where to find us?

In "real life" at our Tourist Office located in the centre of Ajaccio just opposite the Place Campinchi and the [Ajaccio Market] and by phone. Mercatu d'Aiacciu [Ajaccio Market] and by phone.
Virtually on our website, on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and now on our blog... 


One thing is for sure: we look forward to meeting you and talking with you!