5 arguments to convince your children to visit Ajaccio

Family holidays are great but, let's face it, it's sometimes difficult to keep everyone happy. Especially when it comes to discovering the cultural heritage of a city...
Children generally prefer to do more fun activities; museum visits are a bit reminiscent of school after all...

Well, at the Tourist Office we have THE solution! We even have 5 to offer you!
On the programme, applications to download for free on your Smartphone (or tablet), 2 surprising museums and a sea view playground for young and old.

1. Napoleon Adventure


This game will turn your child into a drummer in the Ajaccio brass band. His dream? To become one of Napoleon's most trusted men. How do they do it? By taking part in tests in various emblematic places in the historic centre. A visit to the city then becomes a very important mission.

2. iPasks


You may not know it, but Ajaccio's city centre is full of Easter eggs hidden here and there... Well, you can imagine that they are not made of chocolate, because given our average temperatures, they are more like spreads. They are virtual eggs that the iPâques players must find and, that's the difficulty, succeed in putting them in the basket (embodied by your Smartphone).


We strongly advise you to wear trainers the day your children go to play one of these games because there is a good chance that they will lose you very quickly...
At the end of the games (re)come and see us at the Tourist Office, a gift will be waiting for the children (and only the children 😉 ) 




Napoleon Adventure
3. Naporama 


Wouldn't it be easier to persuade children to go to the museum if instead of paintings, maps and other inanimate objects there were Playmobil? In Ajaccio it is possible!
800 Playmobil have been customised to recreate scenes from Napoleon's life as close to reality as possible.

Your children will love this place and you will fall back into childhood.


4. Ajaccio seen from above


From the "Bois des Anglais" residence and after a twenty-minute walk, you can admire Ajaccio from the Chemin des Crêtes.
In addition to the sporting side of this discovery, your children will have the impression of having the Imperial City at their feet 😉...

A little advice: trainers, a cap and water are essential for this escapade in the maquis (to be done outside of the hot hours). 


2021-Cretes autumn
5. The skate park at Place Miot


After a cultural visit, a little recreation is in order! And what better way to do it than with a view of the city.

Go to the skate park near Place Miot and walk along the seafront on a palm-lined promenade worthy of a major Palm Beach avenue. On your scooters!


We bet that on this day, it was your children who set the pace!
Come and tell us if they enjoyed the visits by leaving us a comment on our Facebook page.