concert - kendji girac

29 Apr 2022

2020-Kendji NC
Presentation Want to go out?

The young prodigy of Gypsie Pop is back for a tour through France, Belgium and Switzerland.
Come and dance to the wild rhythms and extend the summer all year round!

2020-Kendji NC


In couple
With family


29 April 2022.

Rates Home/Opening

Means of payment

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Category A: € 59.00 Category B: € 49.00 Category C: € 39.00 You can choose : - Either keep your tickets for the new date (you don't have to do anything, the tickets will be automatically revalidated), - Or request a refund from your ticket reseller.
concert - kendji girac Venue of the event :
Stiletto district
Stiletto district
20167 Mezzavia u palatinu

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