It's no secret thatAjaccio is a beautiful city where life is good. Its climate, its districts, the villages that make up its hinterland, all these elements make the imperial city a very pleasant place to live (and to go on holiday)...
The photos that you are going to discover during the exhibition "Ajaccio c'est magique! 



Photographer François Romei, an Ajaccian in love with his town, has chosen to put all these assets into images. Through his photos and photos from the 1900s, he tells us the history of Ajaccio.
The comparison of the past and the present allows us to see the traces of time on the city and to better understand its evolution.




"Ajaccio today"
To observe and better understand the evolution of a city, it is important to take into account its past and the traces that time has had on it.
The presentation of two photos of the same place (one taken in the 1900s and the other today) placed side by side highlights the architectural, social and cultural transformations of Ajaccio.


Life in my neighbourhood, "I used to live in the old town, and for me it was years of happiness and conviviality".
Ajaccio is made up of districts, each with its own specificity. The inhabitants have their habits and, above all, their memories. François Romei invites us to immerse ourselves in them.


Ajaccio magnified by images "taken fromabove"
The best way to observe something objectively is to take a view from above. Modern photography techniques allow us to discover our city from a new angle....


"The sun has a date with the moon"and with Ajaccio!
Early in the morning, late in the evening, the Gulf of Ajaccio becomes the stage for nature's great show.


"Ajaccio en mer"
The Mediterranean Sea remains inseparable from the soul of Ajaccio. Whether it is transparent blue or stormy, it sublimates the city.


"Ajaccio ville morte"
2020, the national confinement empties the streets of the cities. François Romei immortalised this very special and unprecedented period.


"My village in the city"
Ajaccio's districts are in fact villages within the city. The people of Ajaccio like to claim their original neighbourhood and the customs that go with it. Here is a brief overview...



This exhibition will be held from 12 to 26 March in the Espace Jean Schiavo. Monday to Saturday from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm and from 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm.

It is the third part of a series of photos devoted to the Ajaccio region:
- "This is Ajaccio", September 2020
- "The art of living in the Ajaccio region", July 2021

Come and immerse yourself in thesoul of Ajaccio through these photographs of yesterday and today...