Ajaccio, for a weekend

The trend is towards slow tourism, in other words disconnection, taking a break.
The Mediterranean climate and the Ajaccio way of life are naturally conducive to this. Come and try it in the Ajaccio region...

Taking time for yourself

What if you took advantage of the holidays to (finally) take some time for yourself?
There's nothing like mixing cultural visits with moments of relaxation.

A yoga session on the beach or on the rooftop of a hotel? An afternoon in a spa? Everything is possible in the Ajaccio region! There are even "yoga stays" or "spa stays", i.e. packages of accommodation and yoga sessions or accommodation and privileged access to the spa.

As you will have understood, you have no reason to let go during your weekend in Ajaccio.


Explore the city on foot from your hotel

To put your bags down in a hotel within a stone's throw (literally) of a city's must-sees is a luxury. You can afford it in Ajaccio.

A few streets away from the Bonaparte House, l'Napoleon Hotel and the hotel Fesch and Spa will be your cocoon during your escapade.

The hotel Albion The hotel is located in the Foreigners' Quarter, halfway between the old town and Trottel beach.

While preparing your stay you heard about the trinighellu (this train linking Ajaccio to Bastia) and you are tempted by a trip through the mountains?
Then it is at the hotel Ibis Styles that you should book your room. Its proximity to the train station and the city centre is ideal.



Visiting Ajaccio by soft transport

One of the keys to letting go is to let yourself be (trans)carried.

Nothing could be simpler: just hop on an e.Piu scooter, which you will find here and there in the city (in dedicated parking areas), and set off to discover the Imperial City.

Are you more of a bike person? Opt for an electric bike ride with AppeBike (they also have scooters). You can either be completely independent or follow one of the tours offered for a day or half day. It's à la carte and it's your choice. You can even go as far as the Parata peninsula along the coastline. Take a pose in front of the mythical Sanguinaires Islands!
And if you post it on your Instagram account, remember to tag us (@ajaccio.tourisme) so we can share it.


Learn about local essential oils

At each change of season, a vitamin cure is often essential. The benefits of essential oils have been proven.

Go to the Distillery U Mandriolu to discover the essential oils of the maquis (and not only). The distillation process will be explained to you and you will receive personalised advice.

You will take advantage of being in the Ajacciohinterland to discover the surrounding villages(Afa, Valle-di-Mezzana).

Have you decided to go car-free for the weekend? Don't panic, you can find essential oils in the organic shop Biocoop del Pellegrino.

All you have to do is book your flight to Napoleon Bonaparte airport.
On arrival on the tarmac, activate the aeroplane mode and recharge your batteries for a weekend...