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Partir en vacances à la rentrée

12 Sep 2022
Profitez de la rentrée pour partir en vacances...

Où manger une glace artisanale à Ajaccio

16 Août 2022
Petite sélection de glaciers...

Que faire le week-end du 15 août à Ajaccio

9 August 2022
Quelques idées pour votre week-end prolongé à Ajaccio...

Our 5 tips for a zen summer

20 Jul 2022
Nos conseils pour des vacances d'été en toute sérénité...

What to do on the weekend of July 14th in Ajaccio

4 Juil 2022
Nos conseils pour passer le pont du 14 juillet à Ajaccio...

Follow us on the road to the Sanguinaires Islands

27 June 2022
Partons en balade le long des plages du golfe d'Ajaccio...

3-day getaway in Ajaccio

31 May 2022
Our advice for enjoying Ajaccio in 3 days...

We're in League One!

24 May 2022
ACA heads for Ligue 1 Uber Eats!

10 things not to be missed in Ajaccio

7 Apr 2022
Discover our top 10 must-sees in Ajaccio...

Follow us through the streets of Ajaccio: the alleys of the old town

23 Mar 2022
Today we're taking you to the narrow streets of the old town. Follow us, we'll tell you everything!

Follow us in the streets of Ajaccio: the Foreigners' Quarter

23 Feb 2022
We reveal the origins of the Foreigners' Quarter...

Spending your winter holidays in the sun

2 Feb 2022
Embark on a journey to the Ajaccio region and spend your winter holidays in the sun...

Pace e Salute

12 Jan 2022
Happy New Year 2022!

Christmas traditions

21 Dec 2021
We'll show you the Christmas traditions in the Ajaccio region...

Ajaccio for a weekend

3 Dec 2021
Discover Ajaccio during a slow tourism weekend: hotels, transport, yoga sessions, spa... We give you our relaxing tips.

What to do in the Ajaccio region in autumn

3 Nov 2021
Are you on holiday out of season? The Ajaccio region is the destination to embark on...

What to do in Ajaccio when it rains

31 Oct 2021
Is it raining? Don't panic, we'll share our visit ideas with you...

The Ajaccio region, a land of hiking

27 Oct 2021
If you like hiking, the Ajaccio region is the ideal destination for your stay! Set off on an assault on our paths...

Our To Do List to spend 24 hours in Ajaccio

27 Jul 2021
Do you have only one day available to visit the Imperial City? Check out our to-do list to make sure you don't...

2021, the year we decided to move to council 2.0

1 Jul 2021
The Tourist Office in 2.0 mode...

Where to run in the Ajaccio region

24 June 2021
Holiday in trainers!


30 June 2021
Come and discover the most Instagrammable places in the Ajaccio region...

The 4 seasons of the Ajaccio region

21 June 2021
Each season has its own set of discoveries!

5 arguments to convince your children to visit Ajaccio

16 June 2021
Visit Ajaccio at the pace of children!