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From Afa to Appietto

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Villages overlooked by Mount Gozzi

From Afa to Appietto

Mount Gozzi watches over the Gulf of Ajaccio and more particularly over the villages ofAfa andAppietto.
Although not far from each other, these two villages have different characteristics, let's discover them...

1st stop: Afa. From Ajaccio, take the departmental road 81. After about ten minutes of driving, follow the Afa junction.
Once your visit is over, join again the departmental road 81 and continue until the Appietto junction...



Like all the villages of the Ajaccio hinterland, Afa is built in hamlets (Piscia Rossa, Patriccialoni and a part of Baleone) which are articulated around a central village.
It is a territory irrigated by several rivers and crossed by the Gravona canal.
The village benefits from a very rich associative life and sees the number of shops increasing (organic grocery stores, bed and breakfast...). Its proximity to Ajaccio (12 kms) means that many young working people choose to settle there.


Theparish church of St. Anthony of Padua has a restored painting on canvas classified as a historical monument.
Saint Anthony of Padua is the patron saint of Afa. The patronal feast is therefore celebrated on June 13, the day of Saint Anthony. It is a day punctuated by many activities (ancient games, races for children...) and which ends with a musical evening.

Afa was the village of Noël Bonardi, a talented local sculptor. The monument to the dead of the village is one of his works. His statues can be found all over Corsica.



Appietto is a village that extends over 34 km² divided between its various hamlets.
To know its history it is necessary to go back to the prehistoric period. Nearly forty Neolithic andBronze Age sites are listed in the commune. The territory of Appietto also bears witness to a rich medieval past; on Mount Gozzi, which overlooks the village, you can see the remains of the castellu, the castral chapel and the Terra Mozza tower.

Many religious buildings

In addition to its parish church dating from 1532, there is a Romanesque chapel and the ruins of the church of San Chirgu.



Afa and Appietto are both dominated by a huge rock which glows red when the sun starts to decline... It is Mount Gozzi.
A hike allows to reach it from the plateau St Cyr above the village of Appietto. Once the summit is reached, there is a breathtaking view on the gulf of Ajaccio. You can see both the ballet of planes on the runway of the Napoleon Bonaparte airport and the boats entering and leaving the port of Ajaccio...

Mount Gozzi hike

Practical information

  • Duration: about 2h30 round trip
  • Difficulty: medium (big climb during 30 minutes at the beginning)
  • Bring a cap (non-shaded trail), hiking shoes and water


While going down towards Ajaccio from Appietto, take advantage of it to make a pause bathing in the gulf of Lava...