A true haven of peace

Prunelli Valley

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Whether you are from here or elsewhere, the Prunelli valley is a magnificent invitation to travel for lovers of Corsica.


Located east of Ajaccio

Centuries-old Genoese bridges

The largest lake in Corsica

Prunelli Valley


The Prunelli valley is made up of five villages:

  1. Bastelicaccia,
  2. Eccica-Suarella,
  3. Ocana,
  4. Tolla,
  5. Bastelica

A welcoming land steeped in history, a true haven of peace, it also abounds in natural riches that make its heritage unique.

The valley stretches from the gates of Ajaccio to the foot of Monte Renoso, the result of a perfect marriage between coastal landscapes and mountainous regions. From the Val d'Ese resort for winter sports enthusiasts to the coolness of the magnificent shaded paths, and from the Tolla lake and its nautical base, numerous activities are offered to you in a dream setting.

Focus on 

The Tolla lake 

To tell the truth, the first time you arrive at the Tolla lake, you are surprised by the beauty of the place. At 30 km from Ajaccio, one discovers a long stretch of water in the middle of deep gorges and green vegetation. The Tolla lake is located at 500 m of altitude. It is an artificial lake that was formed in the 1960s following the construction of a hydraulic dam on the Prunelli river. The Tolla lake has since become the largest lake in Corsica.

The Tolla lake is not only a place to contemplate the landscape. There are many activities to enjoy with family and friends. First of all, the presence of a leisure centre is a godsend. From May to September, it offers a wide range of water sports: pedal boats, canoes, kayaks or stand up paddles? the choice is yours!

If you prefer fishing, you can rent a fishing boat (3 seats), as the lake is home to many species of freshwater fish (pike, pike-perch, perch, carp, roach, catfish, etc.). And don't worry about being disturbed by motorised vehicles. They are prohibited on the lake site.

For those who prefer walking, the banks of the lake have been developed to better discover the site and its surroundings. It is also possible from the village of Bastelica to discover the Prunelli region and the Tolla lake by electric mountain bike.

For thrill-seekers, try the via ferrata at Tolla!

And for those who don't want to get in the water or go for a walk, there is always a deckchair to sunbathe on or a bench next to the two straw huts that offer food and drink.

As you can see, the Tolla lake is well worth a visit and offers a real alternative for those who wish to enjoy fresh water bathing while practising water sports and outdoor activities.

How to get there?


From Ajaccio, the shortest way to get to the Tolla lake is to take the departmental road 3 from Bastelicaccia. You will be there in 30 minutes.

However, going to the lake of Tolla allows a much wider discovery of the beautiful micro region that is the Prunelli: the Prunelli loop

From Ajaccio, take the territorial road 40 which will take you to Cauro. At the end of the village turn left towards Bastelica (D27). The maquis-like vegetation (holm oak...) quickly gives way to a forest of majestic pines. You enter the forest of Pineta where many walks are possible. Here you will find a little treasure for those who want to discover it: the Genoese bridge of Zipitoli. Located only 300 m from the road, it spans a small river in the middle of pines and ferns.

The aim is then to continue to the village of Bastelica, one of the largest villages in the region. Historically, it is known as the birthplace of Sampiero Corso. Today Bastelica is much more famous for the production of local products such as cured meats. A stop in one of the many restaurants in the village will give you the opportunity to taste them.

For the return journey, at the exit of Bastelica take the D3 which will lead you to the Prunelli gorges where the road passes steeply over the Prunelli river. The road will then lead you to the village of Tolla and its lake below. On a hot summer's day, this will be an opportunity to refresh yourself with the joys of swimming and water sports.

focus on 

Sampiero Corso 

Sampiero corso is one of the most famous characters in Corsican history. Born in 1498 in Bastelica, a plaque in his native village (hamlet of Dominicacci) indicates what would have been his birthplace. Having chosen the profession of arms, he made a dazzling career and joined the armies of the great king of France, François 1er .

Wanting to play a role in his island, he tried by all means to chase the Genoese away. He was finally killed in an ambush near the village of Eccica-Suarella, a few kilometres from Bastelica.

His native village paid tribute to him by erecting a monument to his glory in the main square, the statue of which is the work of the great sculptor Vital-Dubray.