The Pays d'Ajaccio Tourist Office is committed to an eco-responsible approach.

With the help of the waste management department of the Communauté d'Agglomération du Pays d'Ajaccio (CAPA), we apply the following actions on a daily basis.

Within the Ajaccio Tourist Office team

Paper management 

  • default setting of printers to duplex
  • use of the reverse side of the printed sheets as draft
  • presence of a skip dedicated to the sorting of paper (blue skip)
  • The skip is deposited once a week at the designated place on the public highway and emptied by the CAPA waste service agents once a week
  • awareness message urging recipients not to print an e-mail if not necessary in every e-mail signature


The boxes are folded, stored and deposited on the public highway at times agreed by CAPA for recycling.


Empty water bottles, cartons and other recyclable packaging are stored in dedicated yellow bags and deposited on the days and times agreed by CAPA for recycling.
Photocopier ink cartridges are collected by our office automation supplier

Energy and water consumption 

Some of the desk lamps and wall lamps have been fitted with low-energy bulbs or LEDs.
Information signs have been put up in the toilets to make staff aware of water saving.

Coffee break side 

We have switched to a bean-to-cup machine.
We use cups and glasses rather than plastic cups. Many of us use insulated water bottles.


With our customers and partners


During customer meetings, the travel consultants encourage our customers to

  • use public transport: specific shuttles for events, trains, city buses, boat shuttle to cross the Gulf
  • getting around the city centre on foot: programming of themed guided walking tours...
  • use soft transport: electric bikes and scooters

Provision of documentation 

  • sending digital brochures rather than by post
  • free downloadable digital brochures on our website
  • reasonable distribution of our documentation in paper format to our socio-professionals
  • when purchasing via our e-ticketing service, electronic tickets are generated automatically (no printing required)
  • when the documentation becomes obsolete, it is recycled by CAPA