When we travel we want to visit the "must-see " monuments of a city, a region, a country, we want to taste the culinary specialties and soak up the local customs. But what we love most of all is to post beautiful pictures on our Instagram account and make our friends jealous...

And as we also like that and we love our city, we will reveal you some of the most Instagrammable (and not necessarily Instagrammable) places of the Ajaccio area.

[ Ajaccio ]


♠ The Cyrnos Palace

At number 13 Cours Général Leclerc stands a private mansion whose façade is adorned with wisteria in spring. Take advantage of this opportunity to stroll through this area, known as the " Foreigners' Quarter ", where the English have left their architectural mark.

♠ The hidden corners of the Cours Napoléon

The Cours Napoléon is the main artery of Ajaccio. The oldest buildings have beautiful courtyards and gardens. The gates of some of them are open during the day for access to art galleries. You can take advantage of this to take a sneak peek... If the gate is closed, the peace and quiet of the residents is respected 😉

♠ St. Roch's Church

This is a photo that is not reserved for early birds because it must be taken at night.
This church, located on the Cours Napoléon, has a completely renovated façade which is sublimated by the lighting it benefits from. But be careful, it only lasts until midnight, like Cinderella's carriage...

♠ Les Iles Sanguinaires

This spot is surely the most instagrammed of Ajaccio (or even of Corsica), yet the sunset from the Pointe de la Parata is a must-see during your stay in Ajaccio. All the #sunsetlovers will succumb to the beauty of this place. The best of all is to watch the sunset from a boat while enjoying a glass of wine*. And there it is a magnificent publication of insured with in bonus an exceptional story...
*To consume with moderation, the abuse of alcohol is dangerous for the health


[ Ajaccio region ]


♣ La Punta Pastinaca

For this photo, in addition to your smartphone, you will need to take your hiking boots and something to hydrate you. You will first have to walk through the maquis in the direction of Mount Gozzi and climb the hill in front of this mount to arrive at Punta Pastinaca. On one side you will dominate the Ajaccio region and on the other the Gulf of Sagone.

♣ The bell tower of Peri

In the village of Peri stands a very colourful bell tower whose colours enhance the narrow streets leading to Piazza Longa (also very Instagrammable). It contrasts with the rather sober side of the buildings of the Ajaccio hinterland.

♣ The Gravona canal aqueduct

If you take the main road linking Ajaccio to Bastia (T21), you can see a large aqueduct at the junction of the village of Sarrola-Carcopino.
In the 19th century, this structure was built to supply the city of Ajaccio with drinking water. Now abandoned (but in very good condition) because it is not used, it will soon be rehabilitated. The creation of a heritage path along this aqueduct is planned.
The opportunity for you to come back and take a "Before/After" photo 😉

♣ Bocca di Sarzoggiu

Once you have immortalised the aqueduct, continue on the winding road to Sarrola-Carcopino. Leaving the village (not without a stop at the church and town hall square) to admire the view of the Ajaccio region, you will arrive at the Sarzoggiu pass [Bocca di Sarzoggiu]. From there, you will see the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Sagone.

Now it's your turn!

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PS: Because we are very nice, we have put below a small map to help you find your way on our mountain roads...


A little help for Instagramming in the Ajaccio region...

Village roads are sometimes a bit complicated to explain where they are, so we help you a bit (a lot 😉 ) by putting the spots on a map!

  • Bell tower of Peri

  • Bocca di Sarzoggiu

  • The Acqueduct of the Gravona