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2021- Ridges- Sunset 1 Virginie Coucke
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The Chemin des Crêtes follows the coastline from the town centre to the relief of the Iles Sanguinaires. This three-hour trail is accessible to all and offers exceptional views of the coastline and balconies over the sea. This path allows a botanical discovery of the natural environment in the middle mountains. To make the most of this itinerary and download the files below, a kml or gpx file reader is necessary, they are available free of charge on the stores.
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Starting commune : AJACCIO - Bois des Anglais

Destination city : AJACCIO - Route des Sanguinaires

  • level : Easy
  • hiking : Pedestrian
2021- Ridges- Sunset 1 Virginie Coucke
  • In the family
  • Linear


10.6 km

Elevation gain

565 m

Negative elevation gain

607 m


To make you want to travel in the Ajaccio region!

There are several accesses to the Ajaccio ridge trail as well as a multitude of paths. I will present here a loop that can be done in 5 hours for average walkers...

ridge path

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