2021- Villanova François Romei
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A real green lung of the Ajaccio region, Villanova benefits from an exceptional environment. Overlooking the splendid Gulf of Lava, the village is characterised by its stone houses, its renovated wash house and its church with its detached bell tower. Its open-air theatre next to the town hall and its dynamic associations give the village its cultural dimension, particularly "I Stanilali di Villanova" in July .... Villanova is also known as a village of artists who can receive you by appointment. Historically, Villanova is known for its resistance during the Second World War, when the famous submarine Casabianca docked in the Gulf of Lava to supply weapons to the resistance. From the village, several paths allow you to make beautiful walks to the seaside.
2021- Villanova François Romei
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The Gulf of Ajaccio is full of wonders and if we had to make a ranking, the first place would certainly go to the Bloody Islands! [...] Sometimes close, sometimes far away, sometimes glowing or hidden in a thick fog, they offered me a thousand faces. Whoever sets eyes on this archipelago cannot but be touched by its wild and rare beauty.


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