A walk through the city centre

The Ridge Route

  • Campaign

From 2h45 to 3h15 of walking
Depending on the variant

Breathtaking view of the Imperial City

The Ridge Route

When you think of Ajaccio, you think of Napoleon, of its coastline lined with pretty sandy coves.
You don't immediately think of its hiking trail that allows you to reach the road to the Sanguinaires Islands from the city centre: the Chemin des Crêtes!         


1 path, several variants

This path starts from the town centre, from the Bois des Anglais residence (not far from the Place d'Austerlitz) and will lead you to the Vignola solar station located on the road to the Sanguinaires Islands.
You will be able to choose your itinerary. Indeed, this path has the particularity of having several variants...

The Low Peaks

The Crêtes Basses is the part of the Bois des Anglais towards Vignola along the path closest to sea level. It is characterised by its crossing point, commonly called "the benches" by the Ajaccians. It is the place called Fontaine de Cupetta. After about 4 km of walking, you arrive at this crossroads offering you the choice of continuing towards the finish or branching off towards the Crêtes Hautes.

The High Peaks

Passing through the Crêtes Hautes, you will take the Salario track. At this point, the maquis path gives way to a dirt track. It connects the low ridges with the high ridges.
Via this route of the High Ridges, you will discover a sheepfold: A Finosa.

Abandoned since 1925, the sheepfold was restored in 2019.
This property was a gift from Napoleon Bonaparte to a Corsican family (the Assali family) to thank them for having delivered him from the Paolist militia in Bocognano in May 1793.

Fortifications here and there

During your walk, you will notice low stone walls, ruins of houses and places called "aghja". These are places where farmers used to thresh their cereals.




A panoramic view

Once on the path, you will quickly dominate the imperial city: from the bell tower of the cathedral to the Genoese towers on the south shore of the Gulf of Ajaccio...

Step by step, the city will disappear behind you and you will see the archipelago of the Iles Sanguinaires appear.

As for the colours, the shade of blue of the sea completes the colours of the maquis according to the seasons. In spring, the scent of nature in flower enhances the picture...


Equipment to be provided
  • Walking shoes 
  • A cap
  • Water & snacks (cereal bars, dried fruit...)
  • The step-by-step description of the path that you will have in the topo guide Walks and hikes in the Ajaccio region which you can get at the Tourist Office shop