Just cross the bridge and you're in for an adventure...

The Genoese bridge of Peri

  • Village

Completed in 2020, this path around the village of Peri has been labelled a "Heritage Trail". Its route between old orchards and hamlets rich in history, anchors it in a strong heritage approach.

30 MIN from Ajaccio

1h30 walk


A Strada Vecchia [The Old Road]

On reaching the village of Péri, below the main road, there is an old mule track: "A Strada Vecchia" (the old path).

As a link between the villages on the southern slopes of the Gravona valley, it was once very popular with the surrounding villages.
The old Genoese bridge, which can be seen after a few minutes' walk, is a testimony to this ancient importance. 

Building a Genoese bridge is a long and painstaking undertaking. This meant that mule tracks had to be moved or created. 

The position of the bridge is important. Also, it should not be too far from the village as it will need to be monitored, protected and maintained. From a technical point of view, the banks must have sufficient foundations to support heavy masonry. The passage from one bank to the other must also be narrow enough to allow a single arch without being too narrow to avoid too high a water level during floods. It is the humpback shape that allows the water to flow freely. Finally, the bridge must be easily accessible. 

Heritage Trail" label

Restored in 2019 as part of the "Heritage Trail" label, the bridge is now part of a 2.5 km walking loop created by the municipality of Peri to discover the village and its surroundings. On this occasion, many elements of the village heritage (stairs, fountains, squares, low walls) have been restored and enhanced.

  • Type of hike: loop
  • Duration: 1h30
  • Difficulty: very easy
The Genoa Bridge
Heritage Trail

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Peri - Piazza Longa
The village of Peri [I Peri].

The village is spread out at the bottom of a mountainous foothill, crowned by a forest of holm oaks, heather, arbutus and chestnut trees.
Two hamlets are located close to the village: Olmo and Salasca.
Above the houses, there is an area bounded by two rivers, made up of former cultivation terraces.

The village of Peri is one of the oldest in the Gravona Valley. There are many prehistoric sites, as evidenced by the discovery of lithic objects, ceramics, portable grain mills and even rock engravings.

In the Middle Ages, the village had a strategic position, as evidenced by the ruins of the Castidacciu castle.

Today, its proximity to Ajaccio allows the commune to continue its development. Its population continues to grow.

To be discovered...
  • The church of San Lurenzi
    Renovated in 1900, it has three statues from the 17th and 18th centuries. It should be noted that the interior was redecorated during the Second World War by a Florentine artist, Giulio Marina, who was exiled to Corsica by the Mussolinian police.
  • Bell Tower
    Dating from 1896, it is located in the centre of the village.
To be enjoyed...
  • Wines of the AOP Ajaccio
    Some wine estates of the Ajaccio PDO are located in the commune of Peri
    A Peraccia, Petra di Mela, Tarra di l'Apa, Clos Carbuccia