A neo-Romanesque treasure 30 minutes from Ajaccio!

The church of San Martinu

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On the heights of the village of Cuttoli-Corticchiato, you will discover this baroque church....

30 MIN

From Ajaccio

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On site

Exceptional view

on the Gravona valley

The church of San Martinu, a neo-Romanesque treasure

The church is located equidistant from the two hamlets. Its construction began in 1850 and was completed in 1890.
It has a beautiful 14th century marble stoup and a painting of the Virgin.

The ancient church was built probably as a result of the disuse of San Martinu u Vecchju, an oratory located on the road to the passes between Cutuli and Pedi Muredda, during the Middle Ages.

A "Cunfraterna di a Santa Croce", created several centuries ago, perpetuates and maintains religious practices.

  • Corsican name: Cutuli è Curtichjatu
  • Surface area: 3037 ha spread out from 13 to 1313 m. altitude
  • 3 main hamlets located between 500 and 650 m: Curtichjatu, Cutuli, Pedi Muredda

Cuttoli-Corticchiato is a village of producers (charcuterie, organic jams...) and craftsmen (cutlery, pottery...). You can go and meet them by strolling through the narrow streets of the village.


The oldest known human settlements date back to the Iron Age (i Castiddà, u monti di a Torra). Other sites (a Monaccia) concern the Roman occupation. The most recent ones (San Petru Vecchju, San Martinu u Vecchju) refer to the beginning of Christianisation.

A communication route, which linked the south and the north of Corsica, passed through the San Petru pass (formerly the Prunu pass). This was the route taken by Boswell who stopped at Cutuli in October 1768.

Mount Aragnascu [Monte Ignascu]

Monte Ignascu rises to an altitude of 888 metres. This 3-hour hike (in a loop) allows you to discover the different plant species that dot the trail. 

The view from the summit offers an open panorama of the entire Gulf of Ajaccio.


I Furnacci

This 1.4 kilometre path through the maquis will allow you to discover the old ovens that were used to make tiles and bricks.


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