The 4 seasons of the Ajaccio region

The advantage of living on a mountainous island is that there are things to do all year round and for everyone.
Areyou doubtful? Then we'll give you at least ONE new discovery per season: here we go!


This is surely one of our favourite seasons. Nature is slowly coming out of its winter torpor, the days are getting longer, the good weather is overtaking the dullness... In short, we just want to get out of our homes and enjoy it all!

We put on our hiking boots and set off to immerse ourselves in the flowering maquis. All our senses are awakened. Sight thanks to the colours that dot the landscape;smell with the odours that the flora gives off; touch because we cannot resist the temptation to dip our feet in the crystal clear water of the Mediterranean and finally taste because we took care to bring a spuntinu [snack in Corsica] made from local products 😉


Speaking of eating, Spring is also the occasion to taste the culinary traditions of Easter. Of course, like everywhere else, we eat the eggs that the bells have taken care to hide in our gardens, but not only that... In the Ajaccio region (and in the rest of Corsica), it is customary to have a merendella on Easter Monday. This is a big picnic with family and friends during which caccavellu is eaten. This is a round cake with a raw egg (which becomes hard when cooked), flavoured with aniseed. It exists in an elongated form (without egg) and is called Panetta. Whatever the shape, we love it!

The Ajaccio region celebrates Spring

At the Tourist Office, we are such fans of this season (which also marks the beginning of the tourist season) that every year we organise activities and visits around this theme. And it's been going on for over 10 years!



Do we really need to convince you that there is plenty to do in the Ajaccio region in summer? No. We'll just point out that it's not all about the beach and water sports.

This season is marked by the "feet in the water" evenings in the paillottes but also (and above all) by a rich programme of events. There is an event every night of the week, so it's hard to get bored! And we're not talking about the festivals at the Théâtre de Verdure du Casone. 

The high point remains the Napoleonic Days. Re-enactments of battles, skirmishes, imperial dance shows, conferences... for 3 days Ajaccio celebrates the birth of its child: Napoleon. Without forgetting the majestic (not to say imperial) fireworks display which concludes these timeless days.



The Mediterranean climate allows us to enjoy the beautiful autumn days. You can still enjoy the hiking trails. You just have to leave a little earlier because the days are getting shorter. The less chilly among us take their last baths in the sea.

Until the end of the All Saints' Day holidays, tourist life is still active in the Ajaccio region: land and sea excursions, guided tours, museums... you are spoilt for choice!

For All Saints' Day[I Santi in Corsican] we also have culinary traditions (it's no secret that Corsicans are epicureans). We bake the Pain des Morts, a brioche bread filled with nuts and sultanas. In the ancestral tradition, on the night of the1st to the 2nd of November, this bread was left on the table, the fireplace was left lit and the door of the house was opened for our dead. The next day, as no one came, the bread was shared with friends and the poor.



We won't lie to ourselves, the entry into winter is greatly facilitated by the prospect of the end of year festivities (and especially of presents). And who says end of year festivities says... Christmas market!

The Christmas Market

During the month of December, chalets cover the town centre squares. There is a festive atmosphere that infects the whole of Ajaccio!
This is a great opportunity to buy Christmas presents and to meet friends and family who have come to discover the exhibitors.

For several years now, winter has been marked by a new tradition in Ajaccio: the City Trail. It is a race of (almost) 10 kilometres through the streets of the city. We can't tell you if it's the magic of Christmas that does it, but in any case it's an event that the inhabitants of the Ajaccio region look forward to.

By the way, some members of the Tourist Office team are on the starting line 😉 Don't hesitate to come and encourage us!

Our pride in winter is still to ski with a view on the sea (yes it exists) in the morning from the Val d'Ese resort (1 hour drive from Ajaccio) and to be back to taste sea urchins at the beach around 1pm. The dolce vita in short...


So you agree that we can enjoy the Ajaccio region all year round?

At the Tourist Office we even consider that there is a season for each of you. We have therefore decided to create the concept of "A Chacun sa Saison". It encompasses our events programme and the offers of our partners for each cycle of the year.

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