Wednesdays from June to September are polyphonic!

Wednesday Polyphonies in the Ajaccio region

Every Wednesday evening during the summer, come and discover polyphonic singing, this traditional song rooted in the Corsican tradition. Sacred and secular songs will resound in the heart of the Church of St Roch.
NB: Remember to buy your tickets in advance as it is very popular...

Practical info: Health pass required 


Our Guided Tours

Let yourself be guided to discover the strategic places of the imperial city. Pierre-André, our tour guide, will reveal the secrets of the old town of Ajaccio.
He will also take you to the Maison Bonaparte, Napoleon's birthplace, and to the galleries of the famous Palais Fesch, the Fine Arts Museum.

New in 2021: a visit to the Ajaccio citadel!

Built on a strategic site in order to protect the town effectively from maritime attacks, the citadel has six bastions. Over the years, it has had various owners before finally being returned to the people of Ajaccio.
Come and discover its history! 

Continue your discovery of the Ajaccio region on your own thanks to the Ajaccio Region City Pass, another new feature in 2021! 


The Napoleonic Evenings


Due to the progression of the indicators of the worsening of the health crisis on the island, and following on from the decision taken by the City of Ajaccio to cancel the festivities on 15 August, the OIT du Pays d'Ajaccio is forced to cancel all the events scheduled as part of the Soirées Napoléoniennes 2021.

Thank you for your understanding.


FESTIVAL NOTTE SACRE, from 09 to 11 July

Du 09 au 11 juillet 2021, l’association Notte Sacre et l’Office de Tourisme du Pays d’Ajaccio, ont eut le plaisir de vous proposer la 1ère édition du Festival de chant et musiques sacrés NOTTE SACRE.
Pendant 3 jours, divers lieux emblématiques de la ville ont accueilli des moments musicaux. Le théâtre de Verdure du Casone a ouvert sa scène aux têtes d’affiche pour de grands concerts nocturnes.


Du 29 juillet au 02 août le Théâtre de Verdure du Casone résonnera au son des artistes qui viendront enflammer sa scène…
Soprano assurera le show les 29 et 30 juillet prochains. Vianney a quitté son fauteuil de coach de The Voice pour venir vous présenter son nouvel album et c’est le 1er août que ça se passe.
Le 2 août Vitaa & Slimane fermeront cette parenthèse musicale dont on a bien besoin après des mois de télétravail et de confinement.


Du 26 juin au 30 septembre, la Citadelle Miollis accueillera un spectacle immersif inédit. 40 minutes d’une totale évasion aux confins d’une des plus grandes pages de l’Histoire. 


From 9 to 11 August and 16 August, this festival will bring together the most beautiful voices and the great groups of Corsica who will interpret the greatest hits of the Corsican repertoire on the stage of the Théâtre de Verdure du Casone.

NB: A health pass is required for all these festivals. The sanitary measures are detailed on the websites of each festival.

Exhibitions at the Tourist Office of the Ajaccio Region

The Jean Schiavo space, located next to the Tourist Office reception hall, hosts exhibitions highlighting the heritage of the Ajaccio region.

The Art of living in the Ajaccio region, from 3 to 17 July 

The Ajaccio region has a first-rate historical and cultural heritage. In this environment of quality and excellence, man's imprint is present everywhere.
It is an integral part of the soul of this micro-region of Corsica. Indeed, man determines the outline and the grandeur of the region thanks to his quality know-how, his commitments of all kinds and his numerous references to tradition.
In fact, he is the determining actor who traces the path to be taken. The purpose of this synthetic photo exhibition is to facilitate the discovery of this identity.

An object for history, from 31 July to 29 August 

On the occasion of the anniversary of Napoleon's death, the Comité Central Bonapartiste, in partnership with the town of Ajaccio and the Tourist Office of the Ajaccio region, is organising a cooperative exhibition.
The objective is to show the attachment of each person to the Emperor across generations. Who among us has not kept a trace of this era, and therefore a small piece of history, of our history? Newspapers, old maps, statuettes, medals ........ the list is not exhaustive.


Due to the progression of the indicators of the worsening of the health crisis on the island, and in continuity with the decision taken by the City of Ajaccio concerning the cancellation of the festivities of the 15th of August, the OIT du Pays d' Ajaccio is forced to postpone the exhibition Un objet pour l'histoire.
We thank you for your understanding.



hè viva 

The citadel of Ajaccio

The summer of 2021 will also mark the time when the public will discover the citadel. Finally open to Ajaccians and visitors, the citadel will tell its own story thanks to multiple testimonies and artistic views.

From 9am to 6pm, you can visit this area every day with free admission; you will have access to exhibitions, a local producers' market... Visit the citadel house to learn about the history of this fortress and discover the future development projects.