A café in the sun on a terrace with a view of the snow-covered peaks of the Ajaccio region, the excitement of the end-of-year festivities and the winter specialities, everything is conducive to coming to hibernate in the Ajaccio region....


The sweetness of winter...


Sea urchins

In Ajaccio, the end of the year is not only synonymous with Christmas chocolates. The other highly anticipated dish is the sea urchins.
15 December marks the opening of sea urchin fishing. Until mid-April, banks of sea urchins bloom here and there... 

In a restaurant or on the sand 

One of the little pleasures of winter weekends is to taste sea urchins. There's nothing like sitting on the sunny terrace of a restaurant or straw hut (which reopens its doors for the occasion) and enjoying the coral of the sea...
The bravest (and least cold-hearted) jump into the water to catch them and then enjoy them with family or friends directly on the sand ....
No matter how you eat them, one thing is certain: they are a treat for the taste buds! 

Pulenta, figatellu and brocciu

La pulenta

Pulenta is prepared with chestnut flour and water (and above all a lot of elbow grease, as it takes strength to mix it all together). It is then accompanied by figatellu, a fried egg and brocciu.
This is one of the traditional Corsican dishes eaten in winter. It symbolises conviviality and sharing.

The figatellu

Grilled in the fireplace and eaten with a piece of fresh bread or as an accompaniment to pulenta, winter is THE season for figatellu.
Visit the Ajaccio market to buy it and cook it according to your preferences. There is an Italian tradition of including lentils in the New Year's Eve meal to ensure a prosperous year; so replace the sausages with figatellu and you'll have an original and delicious recipe!


Brocciu is a fresh cheese that can be made from sheep's or goat's milk. It can be eaten plain with sugar or used in sweet or savoury dishes.
The famous brocciu fritters that almost everyone loves; they can be eaten sweet or savoury (especially in Haute-Corse).
In Southern Corsica, and particularly in the Ajaccio region, it is the basis of theambruciattaa brocciu tartlet flavoured with lemon (or sometimes orange). 

Another must-have recipe: the cannelloni with brocciu. This is the family dish par excellence, concocted by grandmothers for the Sunday meal...


Snow at 1 hour drive

When you think of Corsica, you think of the sun, the sea but not of skiing. However, about an hour's drive from Ajaccio is the ski resort of the Val d'Ese. Sledging, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, snowshoeing or simply snowball fights, you can take advantage of your winter holiday to enjoy activities in a magnificent snowy landscape with a view of the sea. And yes, from the top of the slopes you can see the Gulf of Ajaccio!

Nos prestataires d’activités de pleine nature organisent des sorties accompagnées en raquettes à neige. L’occasion de découvrir la randonnée d’I Pozzi sous son manteau blanc…

NB: as the resort only benefits from natural snow (there is no snow cannon), it is not possible to know in advance the opening and closing dates. Until there is enough snow to ski, you can always make snowmen 😉

Be careful, check the weather before you set off and bring special equipment. 

Come and discover the Ajaccio region in its winter version.
Our partners have even prepared special offers for you!