Our To Do list to spend 24 hours in Ajaccio

You only have oneday available to visit the Imperial City? Here is our to-do list so that you don't miss anything when you come ...

Take a tour of the Ajaccio market

The Ajaccio market [Mercatu d'Aiacciu] is the nerve centre of Ajaccio's life (and Ajaccio's life). You can taste the local specialities there and take advantage of it to bring some back in your luggage, just to prolong the holidays even once back home...

Stroll through the narrow streets of the old town

The facades of the buildings in the old town, with their Mediterranean colours, bear witness to the time when Ajaccio was a Genoese town. You will pass in front of the private mansions of the most important Ajaccian families in the history of the town...


Lunch on the terrace

With 2,532 hours of sunshine, you are bound to have good weather during your stay in Ajaccio.

Take the opportunity to sit on the terrace and enjoy a plate of Corsican cold cuts and cheeses. In season, you can even have lunch with your feet in the water in a straw hut and then finish off with a siesta to perfect your tan.


Go and photograph the archipelago of the Iles Sanguinaires

Off the coast of Ajaccio are the mythical Iles Sanguinaires, protagonists of Alphonse Daudet's collection of short stories, Lettres de mon Moulin.

Their name intrigues, their colour at sunset is expected by all photographers... you will have understood, it is an unmissable place.

It will take you between 20 and 30 minutes to get to the Parata peninsula to admire them. By car, by public transport, or on excursions by small train or tourist bus, all roads lead to La Parata!

A little extra: if you spend the night in Ajaccio, you can watch the sunset from the deck of a boat while sipping a glass of Ajaccio PDO wine*
*Drink in moderation, alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health

NB: excursions by small train and tourist bus, as well as sea tours with tasting, take place only between April and October.


Get a City Pass Pays d'Ajaccio 24h
(from April to October)


When you don't have much time on site, there's nothing like being able to access different sites with ONE support. This is exactly what the City Pass Pays d'Ajaccio !
Thanks to it, you can visit the "must-sees" of the city of Ajaccio without counting!

So you're wondering where to get it? At the Tourist Office of the Ajaccio region! In addition, the Tourist Advisors will give you a map of the town so that you can geolocate the sites even more easily (and even more quickly 😉 ).

To save a little more time, don't hesitate to buy your City Pass online! As soon as you arrive, you will be able to access the sites included in the pass and fully enjoy all the activities. 

[NB: It is the 1st scan that activates your City Pass and not the date of purchase, another reason to buy it in advance...]


All you have to do is choose a day to come and visit Ajaccio and if you have some time left, come and see us at the Tourist Office, we will be delighted to add places to visit to your list 😊

See you soon!