Spending your winter holidays in the sun

When we think of winter holidays, we think of skiing, snow, cold... in the Ajaccio region, it rhymes more with picnics on the beach, sunny hikes...
And what if you shared our winter in the Ajaccio way?


Picnics on the sand or on a rock in the bush

The winter weekend ritual is often: a trip to the market or in the delicatessens to buy what to prepare for lunch with the family or a picnic with friends. At this time of the year, we love to have oursinades on the beach... and for those who are not fond of seafood, we plan a good figatellu to grill...

Figatellu can also be tasted on one of the summits of the Ajaccio region (Mont Gozzi or Mont Aragnascu...).
After a few kilometres of hiking in the maquis, there is nothing more comforting than a tasting of seasonal products... As an accompaniment, we took care to put some bastelle with chard and onions in the backpack.


Sea Urchin, Image credit: ©PIF PAF Agency


In winter we only dream of one thing: the sun. The Mediterranean climate, added to the number of hours of sunshine per year(2,532 hours!) from which the island benefits, allows us to benefit from a natural supply of vitamin D.
How? A coffee or a lunch on the terrace, a walk in the countryside or even a simple moment of reading on the beach. Now you know our secret for looking good all year round 😊


A little trip to the snow

While we love to enjoy our coastline, we love the snow just as much. Whether it's sledging, snowshoeing or simply having snowball fights, we love to take the road to the Vizzavona pass in the Haute-Gravona valley.
To hit the slopes, we wait for the opening of the Val d'Ese resort. About an hour and 15 minutes by car from Ajaccio, it is the closest ski resort to the imperial city.


Weekend in the village

"This weekend I'm going up to the village. This is a phrase that is often heard in our region, especially in winter.

Our region being above all a mountain in the sea, many Corsicans come from a village (on their parents' side). They therefore take advantage of having a pied à terre to spend the winter weekends there and a few days of holiday in the summer...

By the way, do you know the villages of the Ajaccio region?


As you can see, winter holidays in Ajaccio have a little (fresh) summer feel to them...
Come and try our winter routine!