The tourist season is over but you have a few days of holiday? Would you like to take advantage of this time to get away from your daily routine without wasting hours in transport? Are you worried that you won't be able to find any activities to do?
The Ajaccio region is THE destination to embark on, follow us!

The end of the season does not mean hibernation...


As soon as the season is over, the festivals (comic book festival, British film festival...). As for the weather, the Mediterranean climate allows you to enjoy beautiful days: picnics on the beach, hikes in the hinterland, there is no shortage of possibilities!
A preference for the heart of the Imperial City? No problem, the museums(Maison Bonaparte ,Palais Fesch, Musée des Beaux Arts) are open all year round. This is the time to discover or re-discover these emblematic places without the crowds of the big days 😉

The beaches along the road to the Sanguinaires Islands and Capo di Feno are the ideal spot to spend time with friends. One waits impatiently for the opening of the sea urchin fishing season (mid-December in general) urchins (mid-December in general) to have sea urchin meals on the sand or to taste them in straw huts. Some of them, often Ajaccio institutions, open on winter weekends for sea urchins.

Just because summer is over doesn't mean you have to stay on the sand. For those of you who are not so cold, you can go for a swim and for those who like to go for a walk in the sea, it is possible to go on a boat trip even in the off-season. The service providers The only requirement is that the sea is warm enough to allow you to enjoy the sea. The only requirement is that the sea is clear (but don't hesitate to contact them during your stay, they will check the weather forecast).


Climbing the mountains in the morning, tasting on the terrace in the evening...


The falling temperatures are a definite advantage for hiking. Good news! There is no shortage of paths in the Ajaccio region. Discover the mountains overlooking Ajaccio, walk along the rehabilitated heritage trails in the heart of our villages. You don't know where to go? Come and see us at the Tourist Office, we have a topo guide
With the time change, it is better to hike in the morning to be back before dark. And the morning light is really beautiful...

In the evening, a little drink in one of the bars of the city centre is well deserved, after the effort the comfort. (in moderation of course 😉 ).

If your 3 days off fall in the middle of the winter season, you may have the chance to go snowshoeing. Our partners, experts in outdoor activities, will take you on snowy paths.
And if you are here in December, you will enjoy the magic of Christmas in Ajaccio. We won't tell you more for the moment, a special winter article is in preparation... Stay tuned!

We told you that the Ajaccio region can be visited even out of season.
The activities are different (but not non-existent 😉 ) and the gastronomy is great!

So, are you coming?