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chocolate factory - colomb bereni (exceptional chocolate makers)


2017 - Chocolaterie cbc - CB chocolates
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COLOMB BERENI is a brand. Best chocolatiers in the country and in the world (INTERNATIONAL CHOCOLATE AWARDS - 28 medals) located in the countryside to offer a range of products of excellence incorporating the flavours of Corsica. Fine and sublime chocolates all year round with a personalised welcome, guaranteed parking and the possibility of tasting unique and rare beans and vintages with an initiation. Fine pastries only on order and various workshops possible according to season.

2017 - Chocolaterie cbc - CB chocolates
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Période du 01/01/2023 au 31/12/2023
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chocolate factory - colomb bereni (exceptional chocolate makers)
Plaine de Peri
Petra Rossa Road
20167 PERI

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