As you can see, something is going on in the Ajaccio region from 1 to 3 April...

Do you remember pairs with red backpacks hitchhiking?
Well yes, for 3 days, the Ajaccio region will be the playground of adventurers who will Xplorer our territory! One thing is sure, you will no longer see Corsica in the same way...



What is the Corsica Xplorer? It is an adventure and above all an opportunity to discover Corsica, and more particularly the Ajaccio region, in an original way.

Physical and cultural tests await the candidates! You can follow all this live on our social networks and those of Corsica Xplorer.

Denis PierinelliDenis Pierinelli, winner of Pekin Express 2020, will be in charge of this game. As a lover of his region, it was important to him that such an event should take place on his land.


In pairs, the competitors will take part in events in a sumptuous setting (which may well affect their concentration 😉 ). The pace will be fast as there will be 2 stages per day.

In the evening, the adventurers will find rest in a bivouac (the location is kept secret). They will regain their strength by tasting the local gastronomy. They will soak up Corsican culture during the evenings...


The strength of this race is that it brings together anonymous people and celebrities. Competitors will have the privilege of competing against candidates who are well known to the general public. Teheiura and Cindy Poumerol from Koh-Lanta and a surprise pairing ...


Follow the trials and tribulations of the candidates on our Instagram account and on our Facebook page.
Like them, discover the day's stage thanks to the clues that we will post daily!

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We are looking forward to discovering the pairs and the events. If you are on the roads of the Ajaccio region between the 1st and the 3rd of April, do not hesitate to stop when you see hitchhikers with a red bag. Thanks to you, they might win the 1st edition of the Corsica Xplorer!

So, vamos?

The two organisers of this event are theOIT du Pays d'Ajaccio and the association Sens Corsica.


Corsica XplorerImage credit: ©Corsica Xplorer