2014- Bastelica- aerial view NC
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Bastelica groups its hamlets on the slopes of Monte Renoso, in a landscape of mountain pastures sown with chestnut trees. Situated at an altitude of 850m, it is the highest village in the Prunelli valley. It has remained lively and animated with an authentic local life, and today it attracts nature lovers and skiers thanks to the renowned snow fields of the Ese plateau. Bastelica is also renowned for the excellence of its charcuterie. Bastelica is also the home of Sampiero Corso, "the most Corsican of Corsicans", a condottier in the pay of François I and then Henri II. It is said that his tragic love affair with the beautiful Vannina d'Ornano inspired William Shakespeare to write his famous play "Othello or the Moor of Venice". See the statue of Sampiero Corso listed in 2008, and the Genoese bridge of Zipitoli listed in 1977.

2014- Bastelica- aerial view NC

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