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domaine des milelli

2021-milelli- facade pierre andré
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The Milelli estate is located on the heights of Ajaccio. With a surface area of 12 hectares, it houses a centuries-old olive grove and the former country house of the Bonapartes. Napoleon stayed there on his return from Egypt in 1799, in the company of his general staff, including Berthier, Murat and Lannes. Bequeathed to the town, the property has become a public garden and a very pleasant place to walk around. The house, which cannot be visited, is classified as a historical monument and the site has been classified as a remarkable and picturesque site. An arboretum has been created for the instruction of children, and vegetable gardens have been created and made available to people of modest means.

2021-milelli- facade pierre andré

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Historic site and monument domaine des milelli

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